The Perfect Vegan Chocolate For Long Term Energy

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Since the origins of Zoommers our chocolates have always been made with the finest of ingredients – love. Zoommers uses the finest of ingredients and flower essences with the focus of bringing new light to premium organic vegan chocolates. We are focused on giving back to the global community as well and are currently building a school in Guinea West Africa.



Zoommers Sold

Zoommers proceeds supports education for several children in Guinea, West Africa. We are in the process of building our own school.

Zoommers Ingredients

The Zoom In Zoommers

Zoommers Secret Ingredients

Herbal Chocolate Energy Truffles

The Zoommers chocolate energy truffle recipe is a well kept secret, but the ingredients used represent a collection of some of the best herbs and essences that have been gathered and revered over the ages. These are sourced sustainably from Canada, South America and West Africa.

Vitality~Brain Power~Focus

Gluten-Free and Vegan
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Ingredients: Single source chocolate (cocoa beans, sugar, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla bean) organic peanut butter, organic cane sugar, wild-crafted guarani, organic Siberian ginseng, wild-crafted Kola nut, Canadian panel ginseng, organic soy lecithin, spices, Alaskan flower essence (Goatsbeard – Aruncus Sylvester, Wild Iris – Iris setose, Muscatel – Adoxa moschatelina)

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Uh my first time trying Zoommers, my boyfirend got some from Corvallis Fall Fest! OMG Delicious! How can I get some more?

Gloria Allison

Please Carry Locally

Please Bring Zoommers to Salem! Love and Light

Gloria Keys

High Energy Chocolates

I love Zoommers! I forgot to tell you that I have to take some to Richmond with me when I go. My mom needs more and she has been sharing with her friends!

Jasmin Barnes Woodside

Quite Addicting

I LOVE ZOOMMINGGG!! Such a great pick me up for cleaning around the house or work or study…haha, clearly I’m somewhat addicted. They’re way behind over here in Europe though, no Zoommers. But when I’m home I get mine from Uprise. Because, well that’s the coolest place around. Thank you Zoommers Lady!

Shannon Ixiber Alexis Sims

Biked 2 Miles

On my bike with no more energy, down and out! Popped in a yummy yummy Zoommer and I was back up and riding all day!

Jeremy James Stillwagon

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